Product Model: IN101
Product Introduction

Tempered glass is made by heating flat glass to just below its softening temperature and suddenly chilling it with jets of cold air. It results the outer skins under powerful compressive stress and the interior with severe tensile stress. In consequence, the impact applied to the glass will be overcome by the compressional force on the surfaces to assure safety of use.

APPLICATION : Industrial and chemical boiler, gauge, water gauge, water glass, ship window, vision window, etc.

Function Explanation

1. No tong marks on the glass as TG adopts the horizontally tempering process.

2. 5 times harder than ordinary annealed glass.

3. Once breakage occurs, the glass disintegrates into small cubical fragments which are relatively harmless to human body.

4. It withstands abrupt change of temperature. For example, a piece of 5mm tolerate the temperature variations within the range of 200 centigrade degree.

Specification Explanation

Thickness: 2.8~19mm / Minmum:20mmX20mm / Maximum:2400mmX4500mm

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